We have e a few problems with higher education in South Africa, but spare a thought for those Africans who are currently studying computer sciences overseas. Particularly in India, where getting the work experience to finish your studies is tough: which is a crowdfunding campaign has started to help assist African students who are currently studying there.

India has become a worldwide magnet for IT students thanks to its high quality of higher education and lower prices when compared to the US and Europe. And, when the students finish their education, the burgeoning tech scene can often times present more virile opportunities for employment.

Unfortunately those are the advantages of studying in India, hence the Knowledge Sharing Campaign (KSC) started by Charles Lebon Mberi Kimpolo, who spent two years working for ThoughtWorks in India, where he met many African students looking for work. The campaign description points out the problems:

First, they face numerous challenges during their stay in India. Secondly, there are no jobs when they go back home to Africa and lastly, if there are jobs, many don’t have enough technical skills and experience to qualify for these jobs.

One of those “numerous challenges” include the fact that Africans in India are commonly the targets of racism and prejudice.

This campaign is aiming to raise money to use in weekend workshops which teach basic computer skills, with some of them being selected for software development internships.

The campaign is currently seeking $10 000 (R135 415) in funding.

There is still more than 32  days left in the campaign, and it has a flexible funding option. This means that, even if the ultimate goal of $10 000 is not reached, the organisers will receive the donations regardless.

A breakdown of where the money is going has been provided.

If you’d like to donate the campaign is being held on Fiat Physica, a platform designed for for the advancement of STEM.

[Image – CC 3.0 by Wikipedia users Martin23230 and Ssolbergj]