What if Donald Trump wins the US president and decided to remodel the famous Mount Rushmore to four identical carvings of his, erm, distinctive visage?

Answering that question in the form of a 3D print is a user from the site MyMiniFactory who has created a free design you can download and 3D print to create your very own “Mount Trumpmore”.

As you’d imagine it’s a simple, one-piece 3D print of Mount Rushmore with Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln replaced with Trump, Trump, Trump and Trump.

As an idea for a 3D print this one is up there with the best, because we can see this happening in the not too distant future. The execution on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. At this point Donald Trump’s look could be pulled off with a tuft of hair on top of an orange. In the office we’re seeing more Jon Voight and Aidan Gillen than Donald Trump.

But we’re sure someone will grab the files and make a more exact sculpt.

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