A few days ago, a maker named Andre Bella presented his DIY butter robot from Rick and Morty to the world, and now he’s showing us how to make our own.

If you’re out of the loop, the “butter robot” is a character that appears for one brief scene in episode 9 of season 1.

All it does is pass butter… as well as have an existential crisis about it.

Bell unleashed his own home brew robot and his video below has garnered more than a million views in the six days it has been live.

Bell’s version of the robot is based on an RC car that comes complete with a camera and control with a phone.

From here a 3D printed shell is connected to the base of the car and some imaginative wiring is used to move the camera and give the body of the robot movement.

Check out the video tutorial Bell has made live:

If videos aren’t your thing, there is a more descriptive tutorial you can read on Bell’s blog which includes a link to find the 3D printable files.

We caught up with Bell over email where he left off with this quote about his little creation: “Everyone needs a purpose, even if is just passing butter, but it seems this little bot had bigger goals in life”.

If you need more 3D printed Rick and Morty in your life, may we suggest a Plumbus that is also a USB drive?