In what feels like an ongoing saga to turn every aspect of Overwatch into a 3D print, we now have Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor.

Created by Intentional3D and uploaded to Thingiverse where anyone can download it for free, this print is special for a couple reasons.

First, it is split into multiple parts. When we were looking at the files for the visor we thought this was purely for ease of printing on smaller 3D printers. While that is part of it, this also helps with one the features: being able to remove part of the visor.

This nifty feature is thanks to magnets hidden away in the chin of the visor.

Another big feature is working lights. Not only does this print have great modelling thanks to files pulled straight from the game (and some talented design work) but it’s also packed with electronics.

Inside the right “ear” you’ll find a battery and a switch which turns on a strip of EL tape – a piece of plastic with a phosphor layer that gives off a soft glow.

While it may be a build from Overwatch, activating it looks a lot like Cyclops from the X-Men.

This is so much more than a standard 3D print. The red visor, for example, was made using a vacuum pressed piece of clear plastic that was dyed several times to get the right red hue. The electronics were even more difficult to put together.

If you want to see exactly how all of this was done, Intentional3D has created a step-by-step guide which includes a parts list.

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