The Sony PS VR headset is finally heading to South Africa following its launch Stateside and in Europe over the last month or so.

PS4 owners who are dying to enjoy virtual reality games on their console only have to wait until 24th January next year to pick up a headset. We hope you’ve been saving up for a while, because the PS VR will arrive with an RRP of R6499.99 for the standalone headset, and R7299.99 for a bundle that includes includes a camera.

Sony has also revealed the line-up of games that South Africans can expect to enjoy at launch. Once again, some of them cost a pretty penny, so it may be time to start calling in loans from anyone who owes you. Just a couple of these games alone could set you back around two grand.

The PS VR’s launch line-up with local pricing is as follows:

Here They Lie R349,99
Battlezone R899,99
Driveclub VR R599,99
EVE: Valkyrie R899,99
Hustle Kings VR R349,99
Resident Evil 7 Biohazard R999,99
RIGS Mechanized Combat League R899,99
Robinson: The Journey R899,99
Super Stardust™ Ultra VR R349,99
Until Dawn™: Rush of Blood R349,99
VR Worlds R599,99
Batman VR tbc

There are those who are of the opinion that VR in gaming is at best a fad and at worst a gimmick. We have to confess that we’re not entirely sold on the idea – and the exorbitant cost make it easy to dismiss. That having been said, we did get to have a hands-on with Batman VR at rAge this year and we have to report in all honesty, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t looking forward to playing it. Pity it doesn’t have a price yet…