Regardless of what you thought of Suicide Squad as a movie, it hasn’t stopped the denizens of the internet from creating fan content around it.

Today we’re looking at three separate 3D printable designs that have seen the light of day on various sharing sites. They are Harley Quinn’s revolver and speeloader, and the Joker’s Purple Lamborghini.

Firstly Harley Quinn’s revolver was created by Seanna Evans an artist from Canada. Both this 3D print and the movie prop are based off of a real weapon – the Chiappa Rhino 60DS.

Evans has gone through the meticulous process of recreating the ornate decorations on the gun, resulting in a very pretty 10.5 inch (26.67 centimetres, from barrel to handle) prop.

The files to make your own are available on Pinshape. Just take note of the comments on that page, as the files are tiny and need to be scaled to 1 300% to look like the print in the pictures below.

Staying with that revolver, another maker has made something to pair with it. Christiaan Lefering has made a speeloader – a device for quickly loading six rounds into a revolver at once.

His version isn’t meant for that (the bullets and loader are one object), but is instead intended for cosplay, noting that she has two of them on her holster.

The files for the speedloader are on MyMiniFactory.


Finally, from Harley Quinn to the Joker. A user on Pinshape has made the heavily modified Lamborghini that fans (as well as Skrillex & Rick Ross) simply refer to as “the Purple Lamborghini”.

There’s very little information provided in the description of these files, but we assume that it’s a scale model.

If you want to have a bash yourself, those files are on Pinshape. Hopefully it gets more love than the car did in Suicide Squad, as a car guy, that ridiculous Lambo didn’t get nearly enough screen time.