While the PlayStation VR is set to launch locally next year, those overseas already have them and have begun to make improvements with new 3D prints.

A gaggle of stands, wall mounts, cable clips and, most interestingly, a glasses shield, have been created and uploaded to Thingiverse.

Thanks to maker Eric Mortensen, who has grouped all the creations into one collection, you can view all you options on one web page.

Alternatively, see the list below for links straight to what you’re looking for:

A reminder that the PlayStation VR uses both the PlayStation Camera and the Move controllers. Prints for both of these already exist, so you should have no trouble finding free designs for them. Search up what you need on Thingiverse, MyMiniFactory and Pinshape.

If you need a taste of what this hardware does, check out our preview of Batman: Arkham VR.


[Image – Cjwelcome on Thingiverse]