Doctor Strange is out in theatres at the moment and it’s receiving great reviews.

One of the props in the film that received quite a bit of screen time was the Eye of Agamotto, the pendant Strange sports in most of the advertising material.

To say anymore of what it is or what it does would constitute spoilers of the film, so let’s looks at what a fan has created instead.

Australian engineer Luke Stanislas has made his own version of the mystical object. His version is special in the fact that it isn’t a static 3D print, instead the centre bit of the eye opens, revealing a glowing LED.

Stanislas has pulled this off with a cam system hidden inside of the remarkably well done design work that went into the print.

In the video above you’re seeing the rather drab looking, grey print that came off of the printing bed. Since the video he has given it a lick of gold paint to make it more movie accurate. Check out that version of the eye, as well as the files needed to 3D print it, on Thingiverse.

If you do decide to print it, or if you’re still mystified by how it works, check out the assembly video. Amazingly the entire mechanism, ecluding the electronics, is made up of only four pieces.

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