Nissan South Africa is offering R10 000 off of its car range for anyone who lost their vehicle in the recent floods and hail in Gauteng.

Any car owners who have had their car written off during the extreme weather between November 7th and 11th qualify for the discount on a new car, regardless of what make their previous car was.

All that’s needed to qualify for what is being called “Storm Support” is a letter from an insurance company stating that the car was written off due to storm damage.

This offer is limited to 200 people, so if it sounds like a good deal to you, you need to meet these requirements and get in fast.

While this is definitely a PR move on Nissan’s part, it’s a nice gesture from the company. We’re sure some people were already considering getting a new car after losing theirs and this may be a nice incentive to go for a Nissan.

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[Image – @EMER_G_MED on Twitter]