Before we dive into a primer about this week’s podcast we need to extend an apology and an explanation as to the absence of the weekly podcast.

At the end of October moved offices, as we alluded to in our final podcast from our old offices. Since then we’ve tried to record the podcast over Skype which yielded mixed results given the myriad internet connections we were all using. We have now found a way to record the podcast once again albeit with one shift.

The weekly htxt.africast will now go out on Wednesday rather than Friday.

We do humbly apologise to all our readers who missed the podcast in its absence but we are back indefinitely.

Now on to this week’s africast.

Brendyn wraps up his experience at AfricaCom last week which includes a startup from Kenya, the internet of things, 5G and net neutrality. Then Clinton shares some good news for makers after RS Components announced it would be extending its Adafruit offering.

Finally Nick had the pleasure of reviewing Watch Dogs 2 and he quite enjoyed it.

Stories mentioned in this edition of the htxt.africast

How the internet of things is inspiring African startups

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Telkom’s CEO has a philosophical problem with net neutrality

RS Components to offer extended range of Adafruit product

Father builds a media centre for his Autistic son

Nick reviews Watch_Dogs 2