Black Friday is fast approaching with only two days to go, and South Africans may be doing a lot of their shopping for it online.

Kevin Tucker, founder of local online price comparison site, PriceCheck, has made a bold claim regarding the day:

“We are expecting a 30-50% increase in online retail sales on the day, so it is important that shoppers understand how to navigate local e-commerce sites safely and seamlessly,” Tucker said.

Back in April of this year, a report was released stating that online was reaching 1% of the total retail sales in the country. So, while this increase is huge, brick and mortar stores will probably still be making the most on November 25th.

Regardless, PriceCheck itself is hoping to be the site you use to get the best deals, as it’s running a week of promotions leading up to Black Friday with a different theme every day. The benefit here is that you can visit PriceCheck instead of clicking through all the local online retailers one by one.

Tucker also states that they will be featuring “up to 150 of the best Black Friday deals on the PriceCheck platform”.

As with all big sales, don’t limit yourself to one source. While PriceCheck may be good for comparing local prices and sales, it doesn’t help with international sites. Because Black Friday was originally an American event, US sites will be also be offering worthy deals on the day.

While this is troublesome for physical objects, it’s worth looking into for stuff like software and games. Sites such as OriginUplay and Amazon will be selling cheap games you can take advantage of in South Africa. Just make sure that the titles on your wishlist aren’t still cheaper on Steam, thanks to regional pricing.

We’ll have more coverage on Black Friday as the week goes on, so keep checking back.