The Atom from the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is now a 3D print that you can download.

This was a joint effort by Michael Ruddy from Hero Complex Props and Jeffery Tabben from Dutch Props. The two have recreated the version of Atom from the show and put the files on Pinshape where they can be downloaded for free.

From the tiniest sections of armour to a full helmet, everything has been included here. Cosplayer  Aaron Lilyerd then printed his own suit which you can see in the gallery below. If you want your own, you’ll have to print out all the pieces and spend a considerable amount of time finishing it. Even the version by Lilyerd is lacking a bit, as the suit doesn’t have a metallic shine.

If Legends of Tomorrow, or DC Comics in general aren’t for you, check out a full Iron Man suit that you can 3D print instead.

More 3D printable designs:

[Image Twin Engines of Destruction Costuming]