Your DStv Now video experience just got a whole lot better

MultiChoice’s TV on-the-go service, DStv Now has improved its online customer experience by revamping its video player offering. All DStv Premium customers who stream content through the new native HTML video player, will enjoy the convenience of never having to download another plug-in again. Customers can watch their favourite shows instantaneously through reduced buffering and adaptive bitrates.

DStv has done this in response to technology shifts and global trends, thereby making its web services platform-agnostic.

Head of DStv Digital Media, Graeme Cumming, is excited about this new development and says, “We think its only natural to move in a direction where emphasis is put on the user experience and content delivery.”

Best in class TV series, movies and documentaries offered by DStv can be streamed natively through the built-in HTML video player across Windows; Mac; and Linux, which is supported on Firefox and Chrome. With DStv’s new video player, customers don’t have to worry about bloatware, along with incessant updates every few weeks.

DStv’s native video player is smart enough to adapt to bitrates. It will automatically detect a customer’s connection speed and adapt the video accordingly, saving unnecessary data costs. Stream quality can be adjusted manually through the settings icon on the video player within the browser. The lowest quality stream will start at 400×224 at 370kbps, and will be capped at 960×540 at 1200kbps.

DStv Now, the service that brings you sport, movies, series and so much more, now has over 60 channels available for streaming, to complement an already packed Catch Up catalogue.

DStv Now can be accessed online or through the app for tablets and smartphones. The app is free to download on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store and is available to all DStv customers. Live channels and DStv Catch Up content is only available to DStv Premium customers with an active PVR (data costs will apply when streaming content).

Downloading your favourite episodes is now available exclusively on the free DStv app (website downloads have been discontinued).

Log onto and start catching up!



SuperSport introduces Picture-in-Picture on Android and iOS

SuperSport is excited to announce the innovative Picture-in-Picture mode across its Android and iOS apps that enables DStv customers to read news, view scores and watch videos simultaneously.

Also known as PiP, the new feature is available on the SuperSport Highlights package within the SuperSport app, while DStv Premium customers can live stream.

SuperSport CEO, Gideon Khobane says, “SuperSport wanted to enable our customers to do multiple things at the same time, like reading the news while watching a video, because we understand the need to consume content across multiple channels in the quickest way possible.”

All videos viewed within the SuperSport app offer the PiP option, which pops out into a smaller video at the bottom of the screen. Streaming the rugby highlights while reading up on the latest sports news has never been easier and the app also allows for two videos to be streamed at the same time.

Full screen mode can be enjoyed on the main video playing, while the secondary video remains at the bottom of the screen. When watching two videos, the sound will default to the last video opened and both videos can be muted.

Both videos streamed simultaneously can be viewed in either horizontal or vertical modes. The size of the PiP is determined by the smallest size possible in relation to the device it is currently viewed on and can be resized by pinching it.

The quality of the videos streamed within the SuperSport app are determined by the customer’s internet speed. Current default streams use approximately 4.5MB a minute.

DStv Premium customers with an active PVR are able to access live streaming and highlights through the SuperSport app. No DStv subscription is needed to access and watch highlights within the app (data costs apply when streaming content).



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