Water released from the Sterkfontein Dam has arrived at the Vaal Dam this week 17 days later.

This additional water as well as good rain over the last few weeks means that the Vaal Dam water level has climbed from 26.2% full (measured last week) to 31.5% full.

“Even though there has been a slight increase in dam levels, the Department of Water and Sanitation wishes to advise community members and industries to adhere to water restriction imposed by their respective municipalities. It will take time for the dam levels to reach the normal levels,” the Department of Water and Sanitation  said in a media statement.

In a report on EWN, the department has also said that it will keep pushing water to the Vaal Dam from the Sterkfontein Dam over the next 19 days to insure that the Vaal’s water level does not dip below the 25% minimum.

“We’ll continue to ensure that the release is still necessary and should we get more rainfall that gives us some surety, we’ll start considering maybe pulling back a bit or reducing the release,” the department’s Mlimandela Ndamase told EWN.

Thankfully, more rain is forecast over Gauteng throughout the weekend until Sunday when there is only a 10% chance of rain in the region.

[Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Tim Geers]