Chaos has descended on South Africa this morning as brick-and-mortar stores opened on Black Friday.

While many consumers are content with shopping from the safety of their desk, stores such as Checkers are offering discounts of up to 50% on some items. This has attracted droves of people and we went down to Checkers at Cradlestone Mall on the West Rand of Johannesburg to see just how crazy it can get.

While the corridors of the mall are somewhat quiet, nothing could have prepared me for the snaking line of people waiting to pay for their goods in-store. You can check out a gallery that captures some of the madness below and if you can’t tell which is a queue and which is people shopping that’s because the entire store appeared to be one long line.


While trying to navigate through the aisles I managed to ask some folks about their Black Friday experience. A store manager at Dischem who preferred not to be named told us with a smile, “It’s Black Friday, it’s madness but it is exciting.”

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