Naspers is looking to repeat the success it enjoyed with its investment in China’s Tencent, by investing in education.

Earlier this year Naspers made investments in US technology companies Udemy and Brainly and according to a report by Bloomberg the firm sees education as its next big investment opportunity.

“We believe that, like how technology has transformed the way people communicate, if you go ten years from now education will be fundamentally transformed,” chief executive officer Bob Van Dijk told Bloomberg.

In addition to investing in education, Naspers has said it will consider the selling of businesses alongside investments in the education sector. “We are critical of our portfolio and we want the right assets on board,” Van Dijk said.

Whether education will be as profitable as Tencent however, is difficult to gauge. Naspers’ original investment of $32 million in Tencent is now worth $78 billion. The growth of institutions such as Curro exemplifies how successful investment in education can be but whether education will be as lucrative as social networking for Naspers, remains to be seen.

[Via – Bloomberg] [Image  – CC BY 2.0 Alan Levine]
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