Ever since it was officially announced at BlizzCon 2016, Hearthstone players have been champing at the bit to get to grips with the game’s new expansion, Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan.

The release date for the new cards has been somewhat vague up until now – Blizzard originally said ‘this December’ – but thanks to a recent livestream on Twitch, Hearthstone players now can mark their calendars for this Thursday.

Yes, Mean Streets Of Gadgetzan drops on 1st December. The new expansion come with 132 brand new cards and players can pre-order packs through Blizzard’s official site (the price is $49 for 50 packs). Players can also craft cards using Arcane Dust and buy packs with in-game gold (so we hope you’ve been grinding quite a bit and didn’t blow all your gold on the Heroic Tavern Brawl).

The expansion introduces Tri-Class cards – those are cards that can be used across three different classes – and factions; players can sign up to fight for one of the three factions that control Gadgetzan depending on which Hero they prefer using.

The cards themselves are pretty off-the-wall and harken back to the sort of chaos that was ushered into the game with the Goblins Vs. Gnomes expansion all those many moons ago.

Blizzard fan sites have been keeping a close eye on the card reveals – there’s a pretty comprehensive list over at Hearthpwn and the South African Hearthstone Facebook group has been following reveals too. In a move that probably surprises absolutely no one at all, Shaman cards look ridiculously overpowered once again.

If you want more information about what to expect, htxt sat down with the goblin Talan at his bar for a chinwag about the cards. Remember, it’s worth investing heavily in this lot because all expansions with the exception of Whispers Of The Old Gods and One Night At Karazhan are set to be rotated out of Standard Mode next year.

Oh, and to hell with you Shamans. You get all the best new cards!