Few boss battles are as memorable as Adolf Hitler in a mech suit with four chainguns – more commonly known as Mecha-Hitler from Wolfenstein 3D.

That same robotic Hitler has been turned into a 3D printable design you can download for free off of Pinshape.

Created by German sculptor Daniel Ritthanondh, the design is made up of many small parts which can be printed on almost any 3D printer. Ritthanondh recommends printing at 200% scale as the figure is rather small.

If you check out the gallery below you’ll see a rather nifty toy box for the print which makes it look like a full production toy. This was created by Goodleg Toys who is currently selling a three inch (7,62 centimetre) version of Mecha-Hitler for $75 (R1 037).

If you don’t want to 3D print or buy your own, Goodleg is currently running a contest to give one away. You’ll need to do some stuff on Instagram to be entered, the details can be found on their Facebook page.

Now we really should go play Wolfenstein 3D again.

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