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A Magic: The Gathering 3D printed life counter

If you play a lot of Magic: The Gathering you’ll know keeping count of your life-points usually involves a pen and paper. How would you like to do it with this 3D printed counter?

The creator who uploaded it for free to MyMiniFactory calls it a counter, but that’s not exactly what it is. In its simplest terms, this is a bar with threads at the end, and two to three bolts around the shaft. The ten-sided bolts have the numbers zero to nine etched into them, and they’re locked in place with two caps.

The idea is that you can rotate the numbers around like those found on a combination lock. It’s an interesting take on keeping score of life points and, even without any Magic: The Gathering insignia on the print, it does look like it would fit into that universe.

If you’re playing another game, such as Yu-Gi-Oh! where the points are in the thousands, all you’d need to do is extend the bar and add more bolts.

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