Here are the files to 3D print that fake Nintendo Switch

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Last week the internet lost its collective mind when YouTuber Etika showed off what appeared to be a Nintendo Switch in a livestream. You know, that new console from Nintendo that was only recently announced.

Of course, it was a fake. This was confirmed by Frank Sandqvist of CNC Designs. That fake Switch, as many had guessed, was an extremely convincing 3D print.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, Sandqvist shows off the work that went into making such a damn good replica. Not too surprising, when you consider that he was also behind the fake leak of the Switch back when it was called the NX.

If the amount of skill and talent that went into that replica doesn’t scare you off, you can have a try yourself. The files needed to 3D print the mockup are available on MyMiniFactory free of charge.

Included in the video above, Sandqvist has provided a link to a gallery of the fake Switch. We highly suggest you take a look at these shots. The attention to detail and high production levels really are easily to confuse with an official batch of product images. He even went through the trouble of creating packaging.


Clinton Matos

Clinton Matos

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