Daniel Lilygreen has been featured on our site many times before for recreating arms and armour from Fallout and other properties as free 3D prints.

He’s done Buddy – the beer-making robot, a power fist, the Ripper and many more.

Now, in time for the holidays, Lilygreen has created a kind of “greatest hits” collection where he has taken four of his previous designs, shrunken them down, and added hoops so you can hang them up on a tree or wherever else you’d like.

Those four designs are of a first aid box, truck, Protectron robot and a Nuka Cola Pistol. Files for all four of the ornaments are free to download off of MyMiniFactory for free. While you’re there make sure to check out Lilygreen’s profile for more designs.

Unfortunately there’s no picture of the ornaments giving the Fallout feel to a tree, so let us know if you happen to print these out and display them.


More 3D Printable designs: