Maker Sean Hodgins has created a special kind of YouTube Play Button to celebrate hitting a thousand subscribers on the platform: one that is based off of an Arduino.

YouTube’s Play Buttons are special plaques sent out to content creators who hit 100 000, 1 million and 10 million subscribers. They are awarded a silver, gold and diamond framed Play Button respectively which shows off their subscriber count.

Hodgins’ version, on the other hand, is a lot more interesting than them. His is a red Play Button PCB which he designed himself and had printed by the company PCBway. Attached to the board is 144 LEDs being fed instructions by an Arduino.

This Arduino is hooked into the YouTube API and given the name of his channel as well as a live subscriber count of his growing fan base.

If you’d like your own version of this project, and you’re not willing to wait for YouTube to create a Red Play Button for the thousand subscriber count, Hodgins has made a full tutorial you can find on Files for the board and the code can also be found in that tutorial.

Alternatively, because of an incorrect order, some completed versions of the project as well as blank boards are being given away. You’ll need to keep checking back to Hodgins’ Twitter and Patreon pages for more information.