For those of you who decided to make yourself a 3D print of the famous horned helmet from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you probably need a weapon to go along with it.

Why not a bloody great hammer?

The problem with 3D printing a massive, double handed weapon is the shaft of the replica. While it can be done with many support rods and some prayer, it’s usually easier to use one from another source.

This version of Skyrim’s  steel warhammer is based on maker Marco Antonio’s hilariously-named “Battle Mop” series of 3D prints. They derive their name from the fact that 3D prints are used to turn the wooden shaft of a regular mop into a replica weapon.

Antonio created the head of the warhammer in the past, but left the rest of the weapon bare. Luckily, another maker has stepped in to provide several other prints to add details such as a pommel and shaft rings.

Their version, which you can see below, also includes a strip of leather for extra authenticity.

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