Takealot has started stocking the Raspberry Pi 3 maker board.

The online store is selling the board alone for for R720 as well as a starter kit for R2 450. The starter kit comes with a micro SD card, a case, keyboard, mouse, HDMI cable, USB power supply, the book Adventures in Raspberry Pi by Carrie-Anne Philbin as well as, of course, the Pi itself.

Also on offer is the Pi-Top CEED Pro – a modular DIY laptop based on the PI. They sell for R2 774 and is currently stocked in grey and green. See Takealot’s Raspberry Pi  splashpage for the rest of the current stock. 

These new listings comes to us thanks to a partnership with the local arm of RS Components. We wrote about RS very recently as they had started stocking more of Adafruit’s catalogue.

While Pi boards have been available in South Africa for some time from RS Components directly or through speciality stores such as PiShop and PiFactory, adoption at a bigger, more general store such as Takealot is a great move towards popularising the board even more. There’s also Takealot’s free shipping, which is a welcome benefit here.

If you have no idea why you’d want to buy one of these, or you just want some inspiration, keep scrolling for some of the recent projects we’ve features on the site.

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