After featuring a 3D print of the Witch-king’s mask from The Lord of the Rings, we had to find another print from the franchise, and Aragorn’s  famous sword did the trick.

Created by Sergio Romero and made free to download off of MyMiniFactory, the 1.2 metre sword is a truly convincing replica.

The weapon is divided into 14 separate prices for 3D printing and is unique in the world of larger 3D printed weapons in the fact that it does not need any extra supports (or a mop). Romero states that you’ll just need to glue all the pieces together and the sword will stay together thanks to some clever design work on his side.

Make sure to check out the description of the files on MyMiniFactory, where Romero has written a little homage to the source material, albeit with a 3D printing spin.

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