Professor Mbulaheni Maguvhe has expressed his feelings of disrespect and bullying by the ad committee on the inquiry into the SABC after today’s meeting.

Maguvhe was addressing media during a briefing after he and the rest of the SABC team present at parliament walked out of the inquiry’s first meeting.

The SABC was not scheduled to speak today at the meeting but there was quite some controversy around issues involving the public broadcaster not wanting to submit vital documents as evidence, an appeal by Maguvhe against his dismissed verdict which stalled today’s meeting and Maguvhe demanding notes in Braille although he was given time to make the notes available himself, as per his request.

Maguvhe indicated that the committee showed him no regard and that they’d already made up their minds about dissolving the SABC board and therefore, there was no need for the inquiry to be held.

He further grasped at straws trying to excuse his reasons for not having the notes he said he would personally convert to Braille, saying the committee should’ve told him what sections of the notes to bring, because the documents are too heavy to carry all at once.

Watch below.
via ytCropper