A defiant Mbulaheni Maguvhe, the only remaining non-exec member of the SABC board, who didn’t pitch at yesterday’s inquiry meeting, will not be strong-armed by the law to do so.

The inquiry’s ad hoc committee expressed concern that Maguvhe didn’t appear before it at 4pm, as scheduled, and didn’t give any prior warning or reason for doing so.

Maguvhe last appeared in the inquiry when he and other members of the SABC staged a silent walk out during proceedings.

The committee has instructed Parliament’s legal services to summon Maguvhe to appear before it as a witness next Tuesday and hand over certain documents that the committee requested, which Maguvhe didn’t bring to the first meeting.

It also noted the absence of the SABC executive board members, including its acting CEO, COO and CFO, in light of the fact that the SABC legal representative argued in court that it needed opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.

Committee chairperson, Vincent Smith however, said the committee was satisfied with the inquiry so far, which has seen the Public Protector, Icasa, the Auditor General and former members of the SABC board appearing.

“We are confident that the Committee is in the right direction and that the information gathered thus far will assist a great deal at the end when the Committee prepares its final report,” Smith said.

Today,Krish Naidoo, the former SABC board member first to tender his resignation in Parliament, Phil Molefe, former Acting CEO and Itani Tseisi, former Risk and Governance Group Executive, will appear before the committee to provide evidence.