Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is launching soon so we’ve dug up the files to 3D print Jyn Erso’s A180 blaster pistol.

This 336 millimetre prop is different from the designs we usually feature on the site for two reasons: we don’t have any pictures of a physical print, and it’s not free to download.

Designer Sergey Kolesnik is charging $18.20 (R249) for the required files on design market Pinshape. You’ll have to decide if it’s worth your money, but Kolesnik has a long history of creating extremely detailed designs such as Chewie’s BowcasterEzra’s lightsaber and Rey’s NN-14 blaster pistol to name only a few.

That NN-14 blaster, for example, was 3D printed by the community of Pinshape, so you know Kolesnik’s designs are up to snuff.

Now we wait to see if Rogue One is going to be a decent movie, despite the Star Wars franchise having an appalling record with prequels and spinoffs.

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