You might be able to play Nintendo’s Super Mario Run with one-hand but you’ll also need an active internet connection.

This was revealed in a Mashable interview with Super Mario creator, Shigeru Miyamoto. The reason behind this need for an active internet connection, according to Miyamoto, is security.

“For us, we view our software as being a very important asset for us. And also for consumers who are purchasing the game, we want to make sure that we’re able to offer it to them in a way that the software is secure, and that they’re able to play it in a stable environment,” Miyamoto said.

The game creator goes on to clarify that the security he’s referencing is user security and privacy. “Unlike our dedicated game devices, the game is not releasing in a limited number of countries. We’re launching in 150 countries and each of those countries has different network environments and things like that. So it was important for us to be able to have it secure for all users,” he said.

The creator says that Nintendo did consider making the story mode a standalone, offline mode but decided against it because it would have created complications with the other two modes, Toad Rally and Kingdom.

While we do appreciate Miyamoto’s concern for our safety sadly this means that you won’t be able to play the game on your international flight. There’s also the fact that while Apple and Nintendo say you can play the game on a train or in the car (as a passenger folks) that means you’d need to pay for the data your iPhone would use to sustain that persistent internet connection.

Super Mario Run is out in South Africa for Apple iOS (iPhone and iPad) on 15th December and while it’s a free download you will only get select levels and you’ll need to pay R149.99 to get the full game.

[Via – Mashable] [Image – CC BY SA 2.0 Sergey Galyonkin]