Remember back in September when Cell C launched the Break The Net challenge? That contest has finally reached it’s conclusion and it doesn’t seem to have had the impact it should have.

Make no mistake, the competition went ahead as planned and a winner was crowned but the contest appears to have had little to no traction on Cell C’s YouTube page. This is a little ironic (don’tcha think?) given that Cell C was hoping to find the next viral star for the platform.

While the first episode of the weekly show managed to net an impressive 12 843 views that number fell and continued to fall with the final (which featured the winner announcement) only clocking up 327 views at the time of this writing. On average, the weekly shows brought in around 1 000 views an episode.

For those wondering, the winner of the contest was Graham “Dingo” Dinkelman who recieves R250 000 to put towards his YouTube career as well as a trip to Hollywood.

The premise of Dinkelman’s channel is simply to show off animals and reptiles many of us might not ever be able to – or want to – see and credit where it’s due, his videos are interesting and original. The number of vloggers trying to emulate Casey Niestat was astounding. It’s nice then to see something original taking top honours.

Sit rep: Bottle broke, lightning escaped

While Cell C was hoping to find the next viral video we don’t recall anything from this contest being shared with as much fervour as that lady in the Chewbacca mask or even the Facebook Year in Review videos currently doing the rounds.

Instead what followed the call for entries was the same content we’ve seen rinsed and washed from YouTube for years. That’s not to say there aren’t some talented film makers out there. Sibu Mpanza’s content is really good; check out his channel.

The Break The Net challenge then doesn’t seem to have brought the internet to a standstill and force the world to turn their eyes south but it has introduced us to some really cool local YouTube creators.

Congratulations to all the creators who made it through to the end and here’s hoping their efforts inspire more folks to pick up a camera and attempt to break the net. Or make a dent in it at the very least.