Neutralise home network attacks and risks with your router

We are all becoming more aware of hackers being able to access and share people’s private photos/videos/work data as well as financial information, and how having your precious information stolen can cost you dearly in monetary and reputation terms, or in the case of social media impersonations, outright embarrassment.

During your day-to-day browsing, you might be unaware of the amount of malicious software actually accessing your network. If you browse unsecured websites, open email attachments from unknown sources, or download software from unfamiliar sources, you might have also acquired some unwanted intrusions. This is why we make use of security software, although even that does not seem sufficient considering the wide variety of devices and operating systems connected to any given network.

What if routers alone could block these attacks or add a much-needed additional layer of protection? Thanks to ASUS AiProtection technology, that’s exactly what they can do.


During the first half of 2016, AiProtection network security software — an integral feature of selected ASUS routers — neutralised almost five million internet-based threats and nearly 150 million blocked attempts to visit websites with hidden security threats. This represents a daily average of approximately 1.5 attacks and risks neutralised on each AiProtection-enabled router.

AiProtection is a router-based security software developed in response to the security needs of modern home networks. It incorporates advanced technology from Trend Micro™ — including the first consumer implementation of commercial-grade intrusion prevention technology — to detect, block and neutralise security threats on home networks.

AiProtection can prevent infected devices — even those without anti-virus capabilities, such as Internet of Things (IoT) devices — from sending personal information to malicious web servers. The proactive protection given by AiProtection is also a key feature that helps defend the network from devices with missing or out-of-date security protection.

Thanks to the appearance of ‘smart’ IoT devices in homes, security threats have evolved, making home routers increasingly the focal point of network security. Traditional infection vectors such as viruses and malware are now augmented by more insidious cyber threats, including ransomware, phishing and other social engineering attacks, which are aimed at stealing or extorting money or compromising users’ personal data. AiProtection actively provides secured home networking through commercial-grade technology, actively blocking malicious websites, connections between infected devices and malicious servers.

Commercial-grade technology

ASUS AiProtection includes a commercial-grade intrusion prevention system (IPS). This features a sophisticated Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine that analyses the contents of all data packets entering or leaving the home network in detail, and blocks any malicious or suspicious packets, regardless of the device they originated from.

AiProtection is kept up-to-date automatically, so you don’t have to worry about doing it yourself plus you can rest easy knowing you always have the most up-to-date security on your router.

During the first half of 2016, analysis of ASUS AiProtection activity on the installed base of ASUS routers indicated that around five million internet-based attacks were prevented, which is an average of over 1.5 attacks per day on each AiProtection-enabled router.

Blocks malicious websites

ASUS AiProtection incorporates the cloud-based Trend Micro Web Reputation Services (WRS), which intercepts URL requests and checks them with the WRS database before allowing access. If the website’s reputation is dodgy, it is blocked, protecting the user from potential threats.

According to Trend Micro, 76% of ransomware is delivered via spam email. Links to malicious sites contained in such emails, or posted on other unsafe websites, are one of the main sources of ransomware infections.
The scale of the problem can be seen from the fact that on a single day, over 800 000 requests to access malicious sites were successfully blocked by AiProtection.

Blocks infected devices

Infected devices connected to a network can function as gateways that allow other devices on the network to be infected, or help relay private data to external servers. ASUS AiProtection detects infected devices and prevents them from compromising the local network. It also severs any suspicious external connections. Users are immediately notified via email if this happens, so they can take appropriate action.

Easy home network security auditing

ASUS AiProtection also offers users an easy way to check the overall security of their home network. It scans 14 critical router settings and alerts users to potential risks, as well as recommending ways to fix the problems.

Whether your household consists of one person or a large extended family, your security and privacy is crucial in today’s digital world, so take every measure to protect it.

To read about AiProtection in even more depth, click this link.

These ASUS Routers have AiProtection built in
RT-AC5300 R6 499
RT-AC88U R5 499
RT-AC3200 R4 999
RT-AC87U R4 299
RT-AC68U R3 499
DSL-AC68U R4 299

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