Professor Mbulaheni Maguvhe, the SABC board chair and last standing non-executive member of the now non-existent board, has resigned.

The Office of The Presidency today announced that President Jacob Zuma had “received and accepted” his resignation.

Zuma thanked Maguvhe for his service and wished him well for the future.

Prior to the now recessed SABC inquiry in Parliament, Maguvhe stood tall and defiant, saying he wouldn’t be “bullied” into resigning from the board, as his other colleagues who jumped ship had been.

When the inquiry was meant to begin, Maguvhe proved to be an obstacle to its progression when he first approached the Western Cape High Court to interdict the inquiry from kicking off. The inquiry had to be postponed for three days while this matter was in court. The court dismissed the interdict.

When he first had to appear before the ad hoc committee to give evidence and answer questions, Maguvhe failed to pitch and was subsequently summoned to do so the following week.

When he eventually appeared, he proved to be of little to no help to the committee, having appeared ignorant or holding incomplete knowledge on a a number of crucial issues at the SABC, including the much publicised case of the SABC 8 journalists.

The SABC is yet to issue any statement.