The grenade launcher from the first BioShock is now a 3D print you can download for free from MyMiniFactory.

The 13 piece print was created by engineer Daniel Lilygreen, a very talented fellow who we’ve featured on this site many times in the past. From Fallout to DOOM and even the pages of history, Lilygreen has made a range of awesome designs and made them free to download.

The detail on this weapon is staggering. Check out the pictures below to see them in detail, but the two standouts include the weathering near the stock and the spark plug at the end which looks amazingly convincing.

If you like this kind of work you should consider supporting him on Patreon or leaving him a tip on MyMiniFactory.

Additionally, give him a follow on Twitter. If you do you can see upcoming projects while they’re still a work in progress. One we’re excited for is also from the BioShock universe: a 3D print of the Big Daddy’s arm-mounted drill. 

More 3D printable designs:

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