The Air Hockey Robot EVO is an automated machine that can play air hockey thanks to an augmented reality (AR) system that works through your phone.

Created by maker Jose Julio under his open source robots venture JJRobots, EVO is the latest iteration of a project he wowed the world with back in 2014.

EVO is a collection of motors that move an air hockey paddle on top of a standard table you can buy from any shop. A big part of the project is the ability to remove the robot from the table at any point should you want to play against a human (lame).

The robot receives commands from a phone running a custom app. Using the phone’s camera, the app can identity parts of the field and makes plays depending on where the puck is. The phone’s display also outputs an overlay of what it sees, showing the trajectory of the puck at any given time.

If that impressed you as much as it did us, you’re most likely clamouring to get one. Julio offers an official kit which starts at 129 /$135/£108/R1905 and goes up if you want the required 3D parts, if you don’t have the facilities to print them yourself. Shipping is free worldwide thankfully.

But, because this is an open source project, you can make your own too. You’ll need a host of parts including an Arduino, motors, and those 3D printed parts. The full guide with  links to the upcoming forum as well as all the code you need can be found on the JJrobots site.

[Source JJRobots Via Arduino Blog]