There’s a new app that hopes to take the pain out of finding a tutor.

Cognition Online launches in South Africa today and the firm describes itself as “the uber for finding a tutor”. Cringe-worthy description aside, the app is actually rather cool. Students can download an app and a find a tutor nearby for the subject they’re having problems with. With a few taps you can go from struggling to get to grips with a subject to understanding it.

The app was created in part by Kyle Dodds who was once a tutor. He says that Cognition Online was born because he couldn’t keep up with the demand for tutors.

“As an engineering student, I tutored Maths and demand grew to a point where I took on other tutors to assist. The pool of tutors grew and administration of the bookings and payments became a challenge,” Dodds says.

Winner winner

Cognition Online recently walked away as the winner of the Samsung Launching People – Mixed Talents competition. “The Samsung Launching People – Mixed Talents challenge is now in its second year and is supported by Samsung South Africa in line with our focus on creating continuous innovation as well as supporting new business development in our communities,” says director of brand and marketing at Samsung South Africa Michelle Potgieter.

The creators of the app are also currently in talks to bring subsidised tutoring to disadvantaged pupils. These tutoring sessions would be funded by businesses as part of corporate social investment programmes.

Cognition Online is available now for both Android and Apple iOS devices.