Is turning your PC off with a button not tactile enough for you? Do you have a desire to kill someone by smothering them with a pillow but don’t want to do the jail time? Do you keep hitting restart when you go to shut down instead? If you have an Arduino and some spare time we have the solution for you!

The aptly-named YouTube channel Useless Duck Company has created the Arduino Kill Switch. The project is fairly simple: a light sensors is hooked up to the board which sends a shut down signal to a PC when the sensor has been covered.

The result is a PC that can be switched off by smothering it with a pillow.

Okay so we know that this is a very simple idea compared to other projects featured on this site, but it was too perfect not to share.

Before you check out the video below I feel inclined to warn you about a joke at the end that may not be to everyone’s taste. I thought it was funny, but I can understand why you may not think so. If you’d rather not risk it, stop watching the video when it gets to the closing sequence at the 1:10 mark.

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