Capetonians are ignoring water restrictions as dam levels drop

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The City of Cape Town has implemented level 3 water restrictions to conserve the resource but it appears as if Capetonians are ignoring the restrictions.

The City set a water consumption target of 800 million litres per day but last week usage rose to 864 million litres a day. According to a report by Times Live, that figure climbed to 905 million litres a day two weeks ago.

Level 3 restrictions dictate that persons cannot use a hosepipe and may only use a bucket to wash cars and boats among other things.

“The restrictions are clear – hosepipes are not allowed‚ except when borehole or well-point water‚ spring water‚ rain harvested or grey water is being used. And even then‚ such property owners must register their borehole or well-point and display signage prominently for all to see‚” Councillor Ernest Sonnenberg said.

Dam levels fall as rain doesn’t

The restrictions were put in place two months ago by Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille as a result of the below normal rainfall during the Winter season. This lack of rain combined with citizen’s refusal to comply with restrictions mean that dam levels across the Cape Town municipalities have dropped below the 50% mark.

“I urge them [citizens] to help us spread the message and help raise awareness around the braai fire or dinner table this holiday season. We still have a number of very hot months in the offing and it is crucial that we save as much water as possible,” concluded Sonnenberg.

[Via – Times Live]

Brendyn Lotz

Brendyn Lotz

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