After seeing bicycles and marbles turned into musical instruments, even we were surprised when we found out that maker Ahmad Tabbouch had modified an electric lighter to play music.

After picking some of the lighters up for cheap off of AliExpress, Tabbouch cracked them open to find a custom microcontroller that handles the way the arc forms. This was replaced with one that could be loaded with code intended to modify the waveform of the arc and its audio frequency.

The result is a lighter that can play The Imperial March from Star Wars:

That version is actually the second one that had been created. While getting electronics to play The Imperial March may be the musical equivalent of getting a PC to run DOOM, Tabbouch’s first attempt was a joke present for a friend.

This version would play the song from Lazy Town that turned into a meme in 2016: We Are Number One. We’ll leave it to a site dedicated to explaining internet jokes if you’re out in the cold on that one.

The joke unit plays a cruel trick too, instead of simply playing the song.

“The tune will only play on the 20th power cycle, and only ONCE (ever) – This lighter is a gift to a paranoid friend of mine, who I really like to screw with,” Tabbouch said, “The idea is to give him the lighter, he’ll use it, and on the 20th cycle it’ll randomly play a tune. He’ll then come back to me and say OMG THIS LIGHTER MAKES MUSIC, but despite repeated attempts to make it play, it won’t.”

If you want to build your own musical fire hazard, there’s a guide on the UltraKeet website with everything you need.

[Source – blog Via UltraKeet]