Are you looking to etch your names into the annals of Hearthstone history? Good news!

Well, there’s good news if you happen to be in Johannesburg this weekend.

The DeeTwenty Geeking Venue in Johannesburg will be hosting the first Winter Tavern Hero Qualifier for the year tomorrow.

The tournament is open to anybody that wants to try their hand at competing in a casual tournament and will run from 11:00 to 17:00.

If you want to participate you’ll need to bring along your notebook, tablet or smartphone which has Hearthstone installed (and updated) and register to play from 10:00.

The rules

The tournament will follow the Conquest format which according to Liquipedia follows these rules:

  • All matches will be best-of-5. The first player to win 3 games within the match is considered the winner of the match and advances.
  • Each player must submit decklists from three unique classes prior to each stage of the event. Players may submit new decks prior to each stage of the event.
  • A player must win one game with each of his three decks to win the match.
  • When a player wins a game, the deck used by the winning player cannot be used for the remainder of the match.
  • The losing player can keep the same deck used or switch to a different one of their choice.
  • Players will be told what classes their opponent has available, but they won’t know which class is picked until both players have picked.

There is a small entrance fee of R55 which gets a DeeTwenty Day Pass and access to “various bottomless beverages”.

It should be quite a fun day out playing Hearthstone with other fans of the game and if you don’t fancy competing the venue is open from 9:00 for those that would like to play some casual games.

We will definitely be attending tomorrow so if you spot us feel free to say hello and perhaps challenge us to a few games before the serious business begins.

For more info head over to the DeeTwenty Facebook page and event page.

Oh before we forget, participating in these Hearthstone events can net you a fancy card back for your efforts, though we’re quite enamoured with the new card back we got from The Dark Wanderer Tavern Brawl.