Mark Hamill may be known to most as Luke Skywalker, but he just happens to have another iconic role on his CV – The Joker.

Yes indeed, the actor that made his name in the Star Wars franchise also lent his vocal talents to the clown prince of crime in Batman: The Animated Series, which aired in the early-to-mid 90s. Hamill’s performance was so good that Rocksteady tapped him up to reprise the role for the studio’s series of Batman: Arkham games.

If you’ve neither seen the TV show nor played any of the games, we urge you to do so as they’re awesome. They also drive a rail spike right into the heart of the debate about which actor was the best Joker; a lot of people think that claim belongs to the late Heath Ledger and they’re wrong, despite the posthumous Oscar win.

Don’t believe it? Head over to Twitter. Hamill has once again reprised his role as the Joker only this time, he’s reading out tweets from Donald Trump’s twitter account. The performance is chilling.

Ahead of the countdown to New Year’s Day 2017, Donald Trump posted a tweet that was equal parts magnanimous, immature, spiteful and just plain nuts:

Shortly after this happened, one of Hamill’s followers on Twitter noted that Trump’s tweet sounded like the sort of thing that The Joker would say just before he released a swarm of killer bees into Gotham City. Hamill jumped on that and decided to record the tweet using the voice he gifted to Batman’s arch-nemesis.

Yeah, it makes your flesh crawl, doesn’t it? Perhaps if Hamill had been reading out Trump’s tweets ahead of election day, he might have pushed a few more voters in Hilary’s direction.

We’re hoping this isn’t a one-off occurrence. Listening to Hamill’s Joker give voice to Trump’s internet musing rams home just how insane it is, so it’d be great to see more of them get the treatment.

Also we’d like to note that we made it to the end of this article that featured both The Joker and Donald Trump and we didn’t go for the obvious dig using the phrase ‘cartoon villain’. It’s important to have standards, ya know…