The most common use of broken vintage game consoles we see here is fitting them with a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino that can emulate the games they used to play.

In a new twist, the folks over at MonkeyBOX Entertainment have taken a different approach to revitalising an Atari 2600.

Filling the console with an Arduino Mega, pressure sensors, small displays and a variety of other electronics has turned the Atari into the “Cider Racer 2600” drinking game machine.

Two contests line up to play the game by pressing buttons on either side of the console. This starts a timer indicating that the players need to pick up their glasses and drink. Once they finish they place the empty glasses on the coasters where the pressure sensors record that they have finished their drink and the clock is stopped. Whoever has the lowest time wins.

That’s how the first game mode, called “drag race” works. A second one known as “quick draw” is also available which starts the game at a random amount of time after the buttons have been pressed.

Other features of the game include a Christmas tree style starting light system, handicap settings to adjust difficulty based on players’ alcohol tolerance, an Easter Egg which displays “8008” on the display and, our favourite, “classic woodgrain finish”.

Remember we at advise all of our readers to enjoy alcohol responsibly.

[Via – Arduino Blog]