[Press Release] Grate is here, are you ready?

It was a warm windy Friday night when the Grate App team were in front of their laptops doing what Millennials usually do on Friday nights, send emails and catching up on the day’s events when they received a YouTube notification of a new video that was trending.
To their delight it wasn’t a funny cat video or a 2016 worst bloopers video, it was a video that got them thinking.
The thought that came to their minds was – “let’s create a YouTube channel” but not just any channel, a monetized restaurant food review channel.
They scanned through YouTube and couldn’t find any channel that provides restaurant food reviews all the other channels specialised in videos of guys sitting in their car doing fast food reviews.
They immediately saw an opportunity. The opportunity completely complimented their Food Snap and Reviewing App, they saw the YouTube channel as an opportunity to bring food reviews to life, on their App anyone can Snap a picture of their dish at a restaurant and post it but with the YouTube channel those posts can come to life, they see it as pictures in motion.
The following morning the team set out and went to a restaurant but this time instead of just using the App when the dish arrives they captured their entire experience on video, the team does admit that it was a bit intimidating, they worried that people will just turn and stare and wonder what’s going on, it was definitely a step out of their comfort zone.
The team says their motto is – “if it doesn’t scare you then don’t do it” and they have always found themselves to be trend setters instead of trend followers. When everyone runs left they walk right. To their surprise everyone at the restaurant just went on with their business.
That night they uploaded the video on YouTube and people loved it. If you want to have a look at that video go to YouTube and subscribe to their channel, you must also download their App and see what new innovation they are cooking up.
Links – Grate App Foodie YouTube Channel
Website – www.thegrateapp.com

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