Volkswagen has shown off its new I.D. Buzz, a sleek mini-bus vehicle for the future, at this year’s Detroit Motor Show.

The I.D. Buzz is an electricity-powered vehicle boasting a 200-kw electric motor, which offers a range of around 270 miles (~430km) before it needs to be topped up.

Inside, the Buzz can seat up to eight people, although two of the seats can be turned into tables if only four passengers are onboard. The microbus is also self-driving, with a steering that can retract into the dashboard. The front seats can rotate 180 degrees so that all the passengers can talk to each other without having to strain their necks.

The interior looks pretty spacious, its spaceship-like dashboard notwithstanding, and the pedals even have ‘Pause’ (brake) and ‘Play’ (accelerator) symbols on them. In terms of its shape the I.D. Buzz looks like what would happen if the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Do was reimagined for the upcoming Blade Runner sequel.

It’s clear that the vehicle is designed to remind folks of the VW combi’s heyday in the States, when it was largely associated with flower power and the summer of love. (It’s unlikely that it’ll make people forget about VW’s recent emissions scandal, but hey, give it points for trying.)

The question remains, however, whether VW actually has any plans to build these combis? The car manufacturer says it’s planning to put them into production for 2025, but that’s quite some time away. We live in hope – if only because it’ll make morning commutes a little more interesting.