While it’s definitely not the newest joke the internet has picked up, even from the SpongeBob SquarePants stable, “Surprised Patrick” has received some love in the maker community.

This meme was more relevant back in 2013, but MyMiniFactory user Adam Smith has recreated the shocked character in a series Smith is calling “Mini Memes”. He’s already done a few of the “rage faces” such as Trollface and Forever Alone, so we guess he’s working backwards in time.

Like those other dated touchstones, Patrick here is a single piece print that should be feasible to make even on the smallest of printers. The files to make your own are free to download off of MyMiniFactory.

The only problem we have here is the fact that there’s no print in the provided pictures that came out purple. We know it’s not the most common of filament colours, but it would be a good fit here.

Smith also seems to be a fan of the image hosting site Imgur. This meme was popular on that site and we have to imagine that the inclusion of the fruit in the picture below is a reference to the “banana for scale” running gag in that community.

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