The Facehugger from the Alien franchise of movies is one of the most terrifying creatures ever created, and now you can have one in your home!

Yes this 3D print measures in at 40 inches by 23 inches (102cm X 58cm) and has articulated limbs. This means that it’s not only big enough to cover your entire face, but the legs can grip onto your head and the tail can wrap around your neck. Lovely.

This little horror comes to us from user “bolsoncerrado” who has uploaded the files to 3D print it for free. You can find them on both MyMiniFactory and Pinshape.

It’s not a new creation from that user, however, but rather a revision from another maker who uploaded their work in progress Facehugger to Thingiverse back in November of 2015. You’ll want to go there if you want an older version, as well as the instructions on how to put it together.

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