With the first half of the first month now over – yes, it seems 2017 is moving that fast – we thought we’d take the opportunity to remind our readers that the Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 is rapidly approaching.

The third such event to be held on our shores – the first went down in Cape Town in 2015 and Johannesburg played host last year – Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 will take place run from the 1st to the 3rd of March in Joburg. Yes, that’s a month an a half away.

Now, chances are if you’re already aware of the con’s existence, these dates are already in your diary – we did give everyone a heads-up about this event last year. If you missed this, or are wondering why it would be any interest to you, read on.

With cryptocurrency becoming a more integral part of our technology landscape, the Blockchain Africa Conference is an invaluable event for everyone from industry player to curious outliers.

Attendees gain access to a workshop on the technology behind cryptocurrencis (such as Bitcoin and that currency’s future) on the first day of the con and then will have access to local and international experts for the remaining two days.

A full list of the speakers is available on the Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 website, as are details about what else to expect.

Finally, if you’re after ticket prices, the venue and other details – see below. All the Early Bird tickets, incidentally, appear to be sold out.

Blockchain Africa Conference 2017 details: