Are you interested in whether or not Half-Life 3 will ever happen? Have you been jonesing for another Left 4 Dead game? Or are you pissed off about what happened with the Steam Summer sale last year?

Well we have some good news for you… kind of. Valve’s co-founder and president Gabe Newell will be doing an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit later today. Much later today – like, tomorrow actually if you’re in South Africa.

According to a report on VG247, Newell will be available to field questions on Reddit from 3pm Pacific Standard Time. If you’re interested that means he’ll be online from midnight tonight local time, so we suggest you brew a strong pot of coffee and possibly take tomorrow off if you want to be online for the whole AMA.

Now, before you ask your boss for a day off at short notice, you should also head over to the Reddit page for Gabe’s AMA, and have a quick gander at the rules for it. Alongside the fact that Blasphemy will get you banned, the moderators are only going to allow one question on the status of Half-Life 3 – presumably because an entire AMA dedicated to the topic would become really boring real quick.

Are you planning to ask Gabe anything? For our money, we’d love to know whether or not there’s going to be another Left 4 Dead game; Valve’s four-player co-op zombie shooter was easily one of the best games on the last generation and it attracted some pretty civil players to boot.

Let us know what you’d ask Gabe in the comment section below or on Twitter or Facebook.