Vodacom has announced that its customers will be able to browse a stripped down version of Facebook for free.

This “lite” version of Facebook is known as Facebook Flex and Vodacom customers will be able to post status updates and comments as well as like and share posts. That’s it.

Should users wish to view photos, videos and external links they will have to switch to “Data Mode” at which point they will start eating into their data allocation.

To access this free service users need only log onto the Facebook website from a mobile browser. At time of writing only Android users will be able to access this free service from the app.

Watch your browsing

Facebook Flex forms part of Vodacom’s Siyakha product range which seeks to provide users with free access to education, health information and social connections.

As such a fair usage policy applies and users are given 1GB of zero-rated access per month. After that limit is reached users will be charged for the data they use.

How do you get it?

Facebook Flex is available to all Vodacom customers and can be activated by visiting the Facebook website on a mobile browser. Android users that want to capitalise on the zero-rated data will need to have version 43 or higher of the Facebook app.

Facebook Flex is valid until 31st October 2017. Will you be using the service? Let us know in the comments below.