If you’re an Android phone owner who has been glowering with envy at iPhone users enjoying the heck out of Super Mario Run, we have some good news.

The portly plumber’s smartphone adventure will be landing on Android phones this coming March. Nintendo made the announcement from its official Twitter account in the early hours of this morning (local time). The very early hours.

As the tweet says, Android owners can now pre-register for notifications about the game’s launch. Who knows? It may arrive on the same day as the Nintendo Switch.

That isn’t all, however; Nintendo is planning to bring two of its most popular – and rather addictive engaging – franchises over to smartphones in the future.

First up, Nintendo’s fantastic RPG Fire Emblem is in the pipeline for both iOS and Android OS in the form of Fire Emblem Heroes.

If you’re one of the Android phone owners who still feels a little salty about Apple fans getting Super Mario Run before you, then take note that Fire Emblem Heroes lands in the Google Play store on February 2nd. Apple phone owners will have to wait as there’s no solid release date for iOS at the time of writing.

Nintendo also has plans to put Animal Crossing on both iOS and Android phones, although once again, there’s no set release date yet. It’s probably a good thing; anyone who has ever played an Animal Crossing title will tell you that they’re not so much games as they are obligations. Between Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes, the addition of a new Animal Crossing game would have you glued to your phone incessantly.

If all this news sounds great, be warned: you will need a constant connection to the web in order to play them. So it might be worth scouting around for a new data package if you’re already paying too much every month.