Kirsten Stewart, who played the brooding Bella Swan in the twilight movies has published an academic research paper on the subject of AI being used in the creative process.

And no, the AI’s name isn’t R-Patz.

The actress along with producer David Shapiro and Adobe research engineer Bhautik Joshi wrote the paper to determine whether a neural network could redraw scenes from Stewart’s debut as a director on the film Come Swim.

The team employed a Neural Style Transfer algorithm to redraw scenes from the film in the style of a painting created by Stewart.

“The painting itself evokes the thoughts an individual has in the first moments of waking (fading in-between dreams and reality), and this theme is explored in the introductory and final scenes where this technique is applied,” wrote the authors of the paper.

The idea was for the algorithm to recreate those emotions my emulating Stewart’s own style when adapting scenes from the film but the team found this to be trickier than it sounds.

Initial test runs proved successful though the team felt that the novelty of the technique gave them a false sense of success. The team then started tuning the algorithm so that the neural style transfer more closely evoked the emotions Stewart and Shapiro were trying to convey in the film.

The team discovered that to get the exact sort of art style they wanted the image of Stewart’s painting had to have textures added to it after the fact and the artificial intelligence needed to be tweaked to give the team the result they were looking for.

This process is by no means quick either. The team found that each frame of a scene took about 40 minutes to create.

Ultimately using AI in the creative process requires a fair amount of work and coaching. The team also says that it would be better for the algorithm to draw from different textures and techniques employed in a style rather than having to look at an image as a whole and pick the elements it wants to use autonomously.

Come Swim will be shown off at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival which is currently on the go in Park City, Utah.

[Via – Quartz]